Melanie Green
on keyboard and vocals is the Next Best Thing if you can’t get to hear Chrissie Hynde, Alanis Morrisset or Madonna. She has many years experience on keyboard and has performed in a big band, in stage musicals and in D’Como, the forerunner to NBT. Melanie is a child of the 80’s who has also been absorbing the music of the 60’s and 70’s from her parents since she was an embryo. She is a top shelf singer and is in fact the voice of Next Best Thing. Melanie has won a Mo award and been nominated for several ACE awards for her work with The Shy Guys and she also performs with The Starliners

Graeme Keavney is a versatile performer in any environment – from solo work to lead guitarist. He’s a full-time musician and in addition to Next Besrt Thing, he’s also a member of The Starliners, The Headliners, Something Else, Debbie Does Salad, The Crumpets, The Fabulous Fudd Brothers, The Jury, Ill Prepared, Honey & The Bee and Champagne Jazz. He runs the weekly Champagne Jam Open Mic nights at Dundas Sports Club as well as filling in on bass or guitar for countless other cover and original bands and projects when required. Possessing an ability to play a multitude of songs on request he became known as “Mister Jukebox” by some. He trained with Mal Eastick and has performed extensively throughout Sydney and NSW, including Sydney Star City Casino, The Basement and Acer Arena.

Rob Askew
is an experienced bass guitarist/vocalist who began playing bass at the age of 17 – gigging for 2 years with high school chums in a band called Me’n’Mine. In the eighties as one half of the Sydney pub duo Survivor he was a pioneer of the electronic small band format. Rob has played in many bands such as Flake, Barnaby Rudge, Nattai (a reggae band), Gopher Broke, Mid Life Crisis and D’Como. He is also a member of The Starliners. Rob produces the backing tracks for Next Best Thing at his home studio.